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Under an Adirondack Influence
Under an
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Occupation: Adirondack Hermit
A funny and inspiring peek into the world of the eccentric Adirondack hermits of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Employing the common traits of ingenuity, woodcraft, marksmanship, fishing skill and good humor, French Louie, Noah John Rondeau and Old Lobb of Piseco Lake combated the hardships of living alone in the Adirondack wilderness. Hilarious stories and vintage photographs make this talk as interesting as the men it's about.

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Adirondack French Louie
Features dozens of vintage photographs depicting “French Louie” Seymour's amazing life as a canal boat driver, lumberjack, trapper and guide based on Harvey Dunham's 1952 biography.

Adirondack Adventures, French Louie and his Biographer
A fast moving presentation by Roy Reehil based on his book about famous hermit-woodsman "French Louie" Seymour and his interesting biographer Harvey Dunham. Centered on Dunham's recently discovered photo-journals from the 1920s, the show features dozens of vintage photographs depicting Louie's life as a canal boat driver, lumberjack, trapper and guide and reveals the back story of the man who kept Louie's legacy alive by writing “Adirondack French Louie.” More about this presentation.

Beaver River Station, 1885 to 1919
An incredible collection of turn of the century photography makes “Beaver River Station, 1885 to 1919” an exciting trip back to the days when the fishing was incredible and the locomotive was king. Based on his new book and the recently discovered photo-journals of Bob Gillespie who summered at Beaver River most of his adult life, Roy's presentation features dozens of vintage photographs depicting summers at Beaver River Station and the lakes and countryside north of the river.

“The Adirondack Railroad and the Adirondack Park: Without One, We Wouldn't Have the Other”
A slide presentation by Roy Reehil that connects the dots between the competing interests of industry and conservation that led to the passage of the forever wild covenant in the NY State Constitution. This well-researched program features dozens of sensational period photographs and maps that help tell the untold back-story of the creation of our beloved Adirondack Park.

About the Speaker: In 2003, Roy Reehil started his publishing company, The Forager Press, LLC. With co-author William J. O'Hern the two authors have released five highly acclaimed books of Adirondack and regional history. An avid backcountry explorer and amateur historian, Reehil is also a member of the Central Adirondack Search and Rescue Team and an Oswego County Legislator. He carries a laptop and projector for the show, as well as an optional mini-museum of French Louie artifacts, some directly from French Louie's cabin.

For more information Roy can be contacted at 315-675-9704 or by email: roy @

Roy's books, Adirondack Adventures (2012) and Under an Adirondack Influence--The Life of A. L. Byron-Curtiss (2008) are available online at The Forager Press, LLC, and at most Barnes and Noble bookstores.