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----Conklin Connections

A book with lot's of Conklins

Adirondack Characters and Campfire Yarns.
Has an entire section of the book called "The Conklins of Wilmurt [NY] A Pioneering North Woods Family." Within the section are biographical pieces about the following Conklins --

(snipped from the index):

Conklin, Burton "Burt," ii, 3, 13, 48, 67, 93-96, 99, 101-3, 108-129, 163,

186, 200, 222

Conklin, Elijah, 54, 57

Conklin, Harriet, 93, 98, 200

Conklin, Henry, 93, 97-98, 100, 110, 200

Conklin, Jack, ii, 2, 106-7, 116, 178, 179

Conklin, Lillian, 98

Conklin, Lyman, ii, 93-95, 100, 128

Conklin, Milo D., 93, 95, 100

Conklin, Roscoe, 105

Conklin, Ruth, 14, 93, 98

Conklin, Roy, ii, 124-25, 127, 130, 132

Conkling Brook, 132, 186


Elijah is the oldest, Henry his son and Burt and Jack his sons. Burt's son

is Roy. Henry died in 1915 and Burt was born in 1861.


This is the caption from the cover photo (above): "Burt Conklin's Lumber

camp near West Canada Creek would have been abuzz with activity around the

time that this picture was taken in 1897 by traveling photographer Grotus

Reising. Most of the people in the picture are members of the Conklin family

and the rest are friends and hired hands. From left to right: Pascal

Conklin, Dee Courtney, Johnny McCullen-Teamster, Astrander Buck, Roy Potter,

Golusha (in doorway), Burt Conklin, John Pardee, Phil Perry, Roy Conklin

(the boy in front of Phil), "Red" Jack Conklin, John E. Conklin (with dog),

unidentified man, Lyman Conklin, another unidentified man, Jessie Conklin

(John E. Conklin's wife), Maude Conklin, Mrs. Burt Conklin (Alice Cummins)

and Bessie Conklin, sitting down."

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