Camp 12 Spring Trip 2014

Da Boyz...

Jonesey on the trail to Camp 12. Look out below!

Camp 12

Tuesday morning, May 6, we got ready to hike down the mountain to spend the day at our favorite trout pond.

About 3/4 of a mile down, we hit some ice patches in the low spots and whoops... Rubes said "I heard a snap."

"It was just a twig snapping right?" Said Stitty. Nope not a twig.

"Get up ya pussy!"
Not happening.

Taking the boot off was not easy. Rubes had the option to cut it off or pull it off.
I gotta say Rubes, you're one tough son of a bitch.
Once we got the boot off we inspected. No blood or bruising. We concluded it was a clean break, and set about immobilizing it.

"Well, Rubes, I joined the Search and Rescue Team, just so I could deal with something like this.
I'm sorry it happened on the first day of fishin'."

Using the aluminum stays in my backpack, fleece gloves to pad his ankle and an ace bandage we made a solid splint.
Stitty found a piece of plastic that came off one of our canoes and we put holes in it to make a sort of boot with zip ties for extra support .

The custom, all-purpose woods splint and boot. No wonder the doctors were impressed.
One more zip tie and it was done.

It's pretty well immobilized ... now what?

Using the canoe for a litter we got to the water.
Can somebody call a cab? "How about a plane ride?" suggested Oles.
So Tom and Oles headed back up the Mountain to collect Rubes' stuff, his wallet, insurance card, keys, etc.
and then to get on their ATVs to make the 2 hour trip out.
We had a workout against a stiff wind to get to the landing at William's camp.

We kept the patient in good spirits by harassing him endlessly.

Notice the strap we tied around the boot to help Rubes lift his foot and make sure he didn't put any weight on it.
The strap ripped off of Tom's over-filled cooler half-way down the mountain. He dropped it by accident and for some reason I picked it up.
It was pretty useful getting out of the canoe.

We flipped up the row boat as a wind block and found some chairs at the old camp and settled in and waited.

The injury happened at about 10:30. By 11:30 we had him to the water's edge and at 12:30 we were at the assigned spot to wait.
"Tom and Ole will be back at camp and getting ready to leave by about now, so if they get out in two hours to make the call,
and a plane is available, a dollar says the plane will be here at 2:30." I said, "I'll take 3:00," said Stitty. "3:30," said Jonesey.
"Five dollars says it's not a clean break." Said Stitty. "That's cruel, but I'll take that bet cause I took his boot off." I said.
"Can you guys please gamble some place else?" Rubes scolded.

Here's where we were.

When we heard the buzz of a plane at 3:30 I told Jonesey, "That's the best dollar I ever lost."

Three guys on a pontoon with one an invalid wasn't the easiest thing I ever did, but we got him in.

"Geez Rubes, you look like your headed to Disneyland!"

As the plane buzzed off into the distance we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Now we can fish!


Holy Crap! 


The bionic man. Why does it say "BAD" on the x-ray?




The trip back to camp was a lot more relaxed than the paddle up. Rubes was in good hands.
Five hours after braking his leg he was on a plane. It was a beautiful day and the wind was at our backs.
Glad you healed up well Mark!