Renovation! August 1999 - ?

This Old Stone House,
Cleveland, New York

home-winter-s.JPG (145265 bytes)The complete remodeling of the stone house began by "getting rid of some lead paint" back in August 1999. It's been how many years now?

Of course it actually began the night we closed on the house. I was gutting the main bathroom all that night. That was 1988.

During the BIG renovation we moved out and lived in one of our apartments (in a 4-unit house that we bought in 1991) for over a year. The rental came in handy. I ought to get a picture of it up here. Its actually older than our house. It was built in 1879 and was originally The Foster Store - the company store for one of the glass factories. Our house was built in the late 1890's by one of the Glass Factory owners and is a true masonry building made from "boulders," a real designation of stones that are from 12 to 30 inches in diameter (as opposed to much smaller "cobblestones." It's a pretty cool house (literally as well as figuratively) as you can see from these photos.

We started the renovation by removing and sand blasting our enormous cast iron radiators. What an incredible job! - Thanks to Tom West and the human log skidder Dave and cousin Darryl!

Next we put up sheetrock in the living room, dining room, and one bedroom so we could sand and refinished all the floors. We found an unfinished wood floor under 3 layers of linoleum in the kitchen, beautiful. Then we primed and painted the new walls before we brought the radiators back in.

Luckily for us it didn't get too cold until mid December 1999 when we got the radiators installed. Only had a few nights with a fire in the fireplace and two kerosene heaters running.

Next we replaced a main beam in the cellar, dug new footers (with concrete) for seven new iron posts to hold everything up. Then when we got the ceiling down in the kitchen. That was the shocker. A) We needed to replace most of the plumbing. B) We needed to replace all of the wiring that we could get at, and C) there was little but the upstairs floor holding up the 2nd floor over the kitchen. No wonder we had that dip in the floor near the cast iron tub! So, we put a beam and posts across the kitchen ceiling and jacked up the 2nd floor as far as we dared. It worked out well. The 100 year renovation was taking shape.

Finished the sheetrock in the kitchen and began upstairs, including all the halls, some we reshaped slightly. Oh I forgot, we also broke through the wall between the living room and kitchen to make a 60" wide pass through. With a brand new kitchen we'll be moving into the 21st century with our first microwave and dishwasher.

Someday I'll get some inside pictures up.

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