Camp 12 Trip with Ethan, Eric and Quinn May 3 -6, 2012 

Me, my son Ethan (who’s 14) a friend, Eric, and his son Quinn who is 12, headed to our fishing camp near the West Canada.
Our trip would be 14 miles on ATVs to our camp at 2,400 feet up on West Canada Mt. We were on the trail by noon. Punkies were lighting a bit.

10 miles in we spotted a big Bull Moose.


A huge Animal. 4-5' spread with velvet on antlers. 60 yds away.
We watched him for almost 10 minutes before he wandered off. He seemed pretty unbothered by us.
Though I’ve been seeing sign for years it was the first actual sighting of Moose in the woods for all of us.
We tried to inform the boys of how lucky they were... not sure if they got it yet.

We crossed the Indian River on the old cable car for fun. (Cable crossing picture is from 2010, 2 years before for illustration purposes.)


We enjoyed a spectacular vista and fished a little side stream and the Klock Flow on the Indian with with no luck.


The boys caught two monster brookies straight away. Ethan's was 16+" and fat. It was good we had a net. Quinn's was 15"+.

An amazing day of fishing.


Cooler temps chilled the punkies and heated up the fishing. Once again, we tried to inform the boys of how lucky they were... was it sinking in?

Proud fisherman with their tasty trout! 

Saturday: We hiked to our boats, paddled to a landing a mile downstream and hiked to Beaver Dam Pond.

Great fishing and a shore lunch of trout, hot dogs and marshmallows.

By the end of the trip I think the boys were starting to get it. 

ATVs, Moose, Trout, Shore Lunch, grooming two new campers... Priceless.

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