Jammin' with Les Paul
Roy and Les Paul
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Having a laugh with Les  after the show.


Roy was invited to sing with the legendary Les Paul, the inventor of the electric guitar, two times over three years.
Here's a picture from January 31, 2000 at the Iridium Club in New York City.

"What an honor to be on stage with a man that means so much to modern music! Not to mention that he's such a nice guy."

"Les has such an incredible sense of humor," says Roy, "the first time I sang with him it was during the Clinton impeachment back in 1998 and I wrote the words to the "Impeachment Blues" on a napkin. He liked it enough to invite me up and we had quite a good laugh. In 1999 I sang "Your Cheating Heart" which Les used to play with Mary Ford, and dedicated it to the former President too."

LesPaul-s.JPG (57113 bytes)In 2001 the show we saw was being filmed by a crew from the "CBS Sunday Morning Show." Les was a bit preoccupied and he forgot I was there. (He is 86!) After the show I had a chance to chat with him and offered a private showing of the song I wrote for him... a parody of Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again." We had a good laugh as you can see from the picture above and he was as charming and funny as ever. He put on one hell of a show for an 86 year old too!

I told Les I was writing a book and offered to help him write a memoir. He laughed and said "Geez, if I was gonna do that I'd get Walter Cronkite or something. Is he still alive?"

He has quite a sense of humor!

--Spring 2001

Postscript: Les Paul passed away August 12, 2009

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