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Family Update

That's the old stone house. We've been there since 1988 and have renovated just about everything but the cobblestone structure.

Here's the story of the renovation and a few pictures.

Our son, Ethan, turned eighteen in April on the same day his mom turned . . . oops, I can't say.

My wife Patricia is the Executive Director of the New York Water Environment Association a position she's held since 1998. She's also a member of the board of directors of the Oneida Lake Association (the first woman so elected) and is a Board Member of the Cleveland Historical Society and the Central Square Unitarian Universalist Church.

After seven and a half years as Mayor of the Village of Cleveland (Feb. 1995-July 2002) I retired after serving my 4th term and not seeking re-election. Cleveland is located on the North Shore of Oneida Lake, about thirty-five miles North of Syracuse in Oswego County, New York. I am currently serving as a Oswego County Legislator representing the 5th District, which includes the Town of Constantia and the Village of Cleveland.

In 1996 I became involved with a startup environmental company and I was selected by the Board of Directors to become the company's president. The company received a United States patent for it's innovative water and wastewater treatment technology in the summer of 1998 and in Aug. 1999 we sold of the company. Since Pat had just been elected as the new Executive Director of NYWEA, I took the opportunity to become a stay at home dad for my son Ethan. The best job I ever had!

In June 2003, as Ethan prepared to start full-day Kindergarten in the fall, I fulfilled a long held dream and started a publishing company called The Forager Press, LLC.

I developed a web site for the company which includes a bookstore, an informational section about the Adirondacks, and an online field guide for finding, identifying and preparing edible wild plants and mushrooms.

Our second publication "Adirondack Characters and Campfire Yarns" by William J. O'Hern is in its seventh printing.

I co-wrote "Under an Adirondack Influence" and "Adirondack Adventures," with O'Hern and host our websites Adirondack-Books.com and ADKwilds.com.

Jay has since published 6 more books: Adirondack Wilderness Days, Life in a North Country Lumber Camp, Adirondack Kaleidoscope and North Country Characters, Adirondack Wilds, The Hermit and Us, Adirondack Memories and Campfire Stories and Spring Trout and Strawberry Pancakes, all available at our web sites: Adirondack-Books.com and adkwilds.com.

In Oct. 2011, I was elected President of the Central Adirondack Search and Rescue Team (CASART.) It is an honor to serve the team, which is comprised of some of the most talented and selfless individuals I have ever worked with. You can learn more about our outstanding team and the work we do at the team's web site CASART.org.

In October of 2012, my brother, two good friends and I closed on Seabury Lodge, our dream cabin in the Adirondacks. "Weav" says it's "the best place in the world."

Send an email "roy -at- reehil.com" to say hello, we'd like to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by! (If you copy and paste the email address change the -at- to @)

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