Pore surface of Gyrodon merulioides - The Ash Tree Bolete
   A Bolete?

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  • We live in the Village of Cleveland, in the Town of Constantia, Oswego County, NY. I currently serve as Oswego County Legislator representing the 5th District encompassing the Town of Constantia. I also serve as Vice Chairman of the Town of Constantia Republican Committee. I served as Mayor of the Village of Cleveland from February 1995 to July 2002.

  • Patricia Cerro-Reehil (Roy's wife) is the first female elected to the Board of Directors of the Oneida Lake Association. She is also the Secretary of the Cleveland Historical Society, Inc. and is on the board of directors of the Central Square Unitarian Universalist Church.

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"When I do good I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion."
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