25th Annual Boilermaker 15K Road Race

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The Start*

1082.jpg (49108 bytes)
The runners start coming through

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Tom makes it to the girls first, and gets a big wet kiss!

1092.jpg (19372 bytes)  Then Kim flashed by

1097.jpg (116044 bytes)
Then Stephanie all smiles... Hi Mom

1099.jpg (62596 bytes)
I was pretty happy to see them too...

1102.jpg (58283 bytes)
Maybe a little too happy after seven plus miles.

tom1.jpg (35875 bytes)
Tom closes on the finish line first*

kim.jpg (43131 bytes)
Then Kim*

1096.jpg (79786 bytes)

roy-run.jpg (42402 bytes)
I made it too.*

biglady.jpg (45760 bytes)
This lady finished and I hope she didn't beat me!*

gov-p.jpg (40753 bytes)
The Gov.was at the finish and shook my hand after I crossed the finish line.*

finish.jpg (61836 bytes)
The finish line was a grand sight to see*
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1110.jpg (121991 bytes)
We made it Ethan!

1109.jpg (96008 bytes)
Enjoying the after party with family

1106.jpg (99304 bytes)

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A good race run... See you next year.

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