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A collection of writings about small town democracy by Roy Reehil, Mayor of the Village of Cleveland, New York.

Labor Day 1995

Oh my… Labor Day has come and gone, the kids are heading back to school, it’s actually getting cool at night… must be summer’s on the wane, so I’ll get right to the news.

The Cleveland water wells stayed full through the driest summer days, thank goodness, though we still could use some September rain.

We have a new village board member who is working hard and fitting in nicely. His name is Mark Simpson (elected on June 20) and we’ve set him to the task of improving our village investments. We’re looking for ways to have the majority of our village capital making money in interest while maximizing our security and availability of funds. We also have a new village attorney. His name is Bill Buchan of Constantia. He’s smart as a whip and raring to tackle some of the interesting work that we all know lies ahead. In fact, some of that work has already begun. We’re looking into the constitutionality (and fairness) of some of our local laws--- no small task I might add--- and will be airing out our conclusions at upcoming village meetings.

Have you seen our new WANTED posters? Wanted… Cleveland residents to participate in a neighborhood watch program. This is a great program where we try to stop problems before they start, lower our crime rate and maybe even help you to get to know some of your friendly neighbors a little bit better. If you are interested, please call the village Hall at 675-8611. We also need volunteers and ideas for our beautification committee.

Well, that’s all I have right now. I can tell you that we have a whole bundle of sticks in the fire and, as we light’um up, we’ll try to keep you informed! As always, you are invited to join us at our first Tuesday of the month village meeting. Bring your good idea or your concern, or just come down to stay informed.


Roy Reehil
Mayor, Village of Cleveland

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