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A collection of writings about small town democracy by Roy Reehil, Mayor of the Village of Cleveland, New York.

From the Mayor's Desk, May. 2001

Village of Cleveland 2001—2002 Proposed Budget Highlights

Budget Highlights

General Fund Highlights

Budget Message 2001

The end of the 2001 budget marks the sixth consecutive budget that is in balance with no deficits.

Good planning and sound fiscal practices help the village to receive lower insurance rates and keep our credit rating in high standing. That allows us to borrow money at competitive interest rates for large expenditures like fire trucks and sewer plant repairs and upgrades.

We will continue to make 1% contributions to the sewer and water capital reserve accounts which act as savings accounts can grow and be available for emergencies or future upgrades to our sewer or water systems as needed.

This year we plan to pave West and Factory Streets and to repair or install new sidewalks throughout the village. It's not clear how many sidewalks we'll be able to do but look for that work to start before June.

We will be adding two part time workers to the DPW staff this summer. One young person who will be mostly mowing lawns and doing public park and building maintenance. The other will be added to help in the sidewalk construction work.

Closing Comments

Once again I propose a responsible budget without increasing rates at all. Though conservative, I propose some important new initiatives and am able to reward our outstanding staff and DPW personnel with reasonable pay increases and competitive benefits packages. Thank you all so much for your hard work on behalf of the village residents! I'd also like to thank our Trustees for a year of often difficult service. I am proud to serve with all of you. Special thanks to Bo Albert for doing a great job in his first year as Volunteer Fire Chief - and I emphasize volunteer. Of course we acknowledge and appreciate all the volunteers in the community who help make Cleveland a nicer place to live.

In closing, the more people in the village that understand our budget and the proposed expenditures, the less people will doubt our abilities to run a responsible village government.

I welcome all comments, questions and ideas.

Thank you,

Roy Reehil, Mayor

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