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May 1998

Cleveland Village Budget Lowers Taxes For the Second Time in Three Years

Mayor Roy Reehil unveiled the Village of Cleveland’s 1998-99 budget at a public hearing on May 4, 1998.

Highlighting the new budget is a 6% decrease in taxes.

"We’re lowering taxes for the second time in three years" said Mayor Reehil. "What that means in dollars and cents is that a home owner with an assessment of $50,000 will pay $37.50 less in taxes then they paid in 1994, which was the year before I became Mayor."

Trustee Reehil was appointed Mayor in February 1995. He replaced interim Mayor Cyndy Mclaine who served for a short time after the resignation of Mayor Phelps late in 1994 before relinquishing the post to Reehil who has since been elected twice.

"My first task as the new Mayor was to draft a village budget" said Mayor Reehil. "My goal was to lower the tax levy without reducing services."

Mayor Reehil used a computer program from Cornell Cooperative Extension that he found with help from the Tug Hill Commission. "As far as I know, the 1995-96 budget was the first budget in the history of the village of Cleveland to be assembled on a computer" said Mayor Reehil. "The computer helped to spot spending trends and made it easier to find places to cut a little here and a little there." "The result was a 3.3% tax decrease without reducing services that year."

"The 1998-99 budget will cut taxes 6% from last year and represents a full 10% reduction from the 1994 rate." Added Mayor Reehil. "I don’t know how low we can go. I do know that we’re heading in the right direction and if given the opportunity to serve for another 2 years then I will continue to look for new ways to save the village money."

Another avenue of savings that the village is pursuing is to refinance the Village’s debt for construction of the sewer system and treatment plant. "If we’re able to get the 0% interest loan we’re working on we’ll be able to shave over 13 years of payments and hundreds of thousands of dollars off of our debt."

Cleveland’s new fiscal year begins June 1, 1998 and village elections will be held on June 16th.

Contested Cleveland Village Election Slate Set

Elections in the village of Cleveland will be held on June 16, 1998 from 12Noon to 9PM at the Village Hall.

Incumbent Mayor Roy Reehil will be seeking reelection and will be opposed by his predecessor Cyndy McClaine who served less than two months as interim mayor before stepping down in favor of Reehil in February 1995. Mayor Reehil has served as Mayor ever since, the winner of the two following elections.

Mrs. McClaine was the Deputy Mayor to Mayor Donald Phelps when he resigned in December 1994 after serving less than half of his second two year term. By default, Deputy Mayor McClaine became the interim mayor. She relinquished the seat to then Trustee Reehil after serving 62 days, on February 7, 1995. Mrs. McClaine was reappointed as a trustee after stepping down as mayor until she resigned from that position as well in May of 1997.

In the race for trustee, three persons are seeking two trustee positions. The two receiving the highest vote counts will take the two open seats. Running for reelection is incumbent Trustee Malcoff Davis who has served on the Cleveland Village Board for over 20 years, including several terms as mayor. Also running for trustee are Debbie Myers and Patrick Malone, neither of which have held elected village positions before.

All registered village voters are encouraged to get to know their candidates and come out June 16th to vote.

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