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speech.jpg (17665 bytes)Roy Reehil, Mayor
Village of Cleveland, NY
February 1995 to July 2002

The Mayor's Archives

After serving for seven and a half years, I did not seek re-election and instead decided to "term-limit" myself.

I'm now maintaining the pages for posterity.
The articles are aging but the information about the village and village issues -- especially village dissolution issues -- may be of interest to other village representatives in NY state.

About Cleveland | 2000 Census Statistics
From the Mayor's Desk Articles
How I Became Mayor

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The Mayor's FAQ
(The Most Frequently Asked Questions while I was Mayor)

Why do it? What is it like to be the Mayor?

The position of Mayor in the Village of Cleveland is a part-time position with a lot of different hats to wear. The Mayor is the chief fiscal officer in charge of developing and presenting a budget to the Board of Trustees. It was a great challenge and often a rollercoaster ride of problems and solutions. It was also one of the most gratifying jobs I've ever had. If you haven't volunteered your time to your community, a church, a not for profit organization or a charity recently, it's hard to understand the joy of working for a good cause. Simply doing a good job as mayor was a great reward unto itself. I assume that was part of the reason that I was honored with the job by my peers for over seven years. There is plenty of good work that needs to be done in this world and our children can be inspired by the examples we set.

I encourage everyone to set a good example and volunteer in your community if you're not already. It will do you and the community a bit of good!

I wrote these articles to explain my positions on important village topics. Here are several of those articles and newsletters.

-Roy Reehil, Former Mayor
Village of Cleveland, New York

Article Archives:

Good news about the cemetery vandalism repairs, Sept. 2001
2001 -2002 Budget Announcement
Addressing concern and confusion about some of our village laws, June 1998
Village Press Releases, New Budget and Elections, May 1998
Memorial Day Weekend Vandalism, May 1998
Tabling the proposed nuisance animal control law, Feb. 1998
Refuting a pollution and negligence law suit, May 1996
The Village News, Spring 1995: An Introduction & Dissolution Issues
The Dissolution Petition
Memorial Day 1995
New Budget Reduces Taxes
Labor Day 1995
Optimism in November 1995

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